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Source: Kellogg Garden Products news release

Carson, California -- Kellogg Garden Products will be introducing two new soil products this fall to help gardeners reduce their carbon footprint while still achieving the results every gardener strives for - a beautiful garden. Kellogg continues to lead the way in sustainability. Just as forest fires are a natural and necessary part of the ecosystem turning dead and dying trees and decaying plant matter into nutrients that are returned to the soil instead of remaining captive in old vegetation, Kellogg Garden Product's two new soils with BiocharMax provides a unique solution for gardeners to do their part, in a small way, to help the environment by sequestering carbon in the soil.

G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Potting Mix with BiocharMax and G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil with BiocharMax are two new soil products made from a proprietary blend formulated with BiocharMax, a soft-wood biochar that provides soil, plant and environmental benefits.

Biochar is an excellent soil amendment created through a process called pyrolysis - the burning of organic material in a high heat-no oxygen environment. The end-result is highly porous charcoal-like material that helps soil hold more water and nutrients. 

Biochar Benefits:

Soil Benefits -

Improves moisture retention to reduce frequent watering;
Improves nutrient retention, attracting beneficial soil microbes.

Plant Benefits -

Improves resistance to pest and disease;
Improves root and plant development.

Environment Benefits -

Sequesters carbon in the soil, where it provides the most benefit;
Eliminates release of harmful CO2 into the atmosphere from burning and/or landfill contribution.

In addition, with the G&B Organics Eden Valley product line Kellogg Garden Products continues its commitment to Plant With Purpose, an organization that helps impoverished communities around the world.

"We are encouraged by our customers and their desire to help around the globe by purchasing the Eden Valley product line.  With each bag we make a donation to poverty-stricken families who are pursuing growing their own food through organic methods," said Kathy Kellogg Johnson, Co-Owner, Kellogg Garden Products.

About Kellogg Garden Products

Founded in 1925 by H. Clay Kellogg, Kellogg Supply, Inc. has been manufacturing gardening products for over 90 years.  The company's core business of organic soils and fertilizers is consolidated under the Kellogg Garden Products division. That core business is now complemented by other divisions that include Orcon, Organic Labs, and H&I Agritech. The focus of Orcon, also based in Southern California, is on providing repellants and live beneficial insects. Organic Labs, based in Florida, is focused on organic or naturally derived pesticides, fungicides, & liquid fertilizers. H&I Agritech, based in New York is in the business of environmentally safe, broad spectrum foliar fungicides. 
The company remains owned and operated by third-generation members of the Kellogg family who maintain their grandfather's steadfast commitment to help people grow beautiful, healthy gardens organically.